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About Us

About us

At Small Steps Big Minds we aim to provide each and every child on our programme with a fun learning experience. Academics are such a pressured subject matter, full of assessments, exams and the need to be able to complete a test. The programme has been developed by psychologists, qualified teachers, SEN specialists and parents.

Our Philosophy

Here at Small Steps Big Minds, we believe that every child deserves a fun learning experience and every child has the ability to be a great learner.

We believe that how you teach, not what you teach, is what truly prepares a child to be a great learner.

Our Mission

Our aim is to achieve successful, educational outcomes through a fun, play-based approach where possible. Delivering high quality, individualised learning within a group context that prepares children for academic and real-life problem-solving. We aim to support and empower all students to grow and learn and to reach their full potential.

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